10 Things Wives Want to Hear from their Husbands

A little thanks goes a long way.

By: @MarkMerrill
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Ideas For Connecting With Your Kids

Looking for some new ideas for having fun with your son and/or daughter? Get our ideas for some quailty father-son and father-daughter bonding.

By: @thefatherfactor
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Money, money, money, money….and why other things matter MORE!

It's Not How Much Money You Make, It's How Much of a Difference You Make!

By: @Kidlutions
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Why speaking well of your spouse is so important

I am convinced that praising your spouse in public is one of the most important investments you can make—in your family and in your leadership.

By: @michaelhyatt
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The Top Three Decisions I Made as a Dad

People ask me, almost every time I do a parenting event: what are the top three things you’ve done for your kids as a parent?

By: @TimElmore
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Happy Parents = Happy Kids

The Oxygen Mask and Self-Care

By: @mommywisenyc
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10 Things Loving Fathers Do for Their Children

What loving fathers “do” is to provide a framework in which kids can grow up to be the very best young people they can possibly be.

By: @AllProDad
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Time Out For Parents!

Parents need to include taking care of themselves in the course of their busy days. They need to fill their "bank of giving" on a regular basis.

By: @kidsbestlife
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Male Involvement and the Importance for Young Children

Whether you are a dad, a teen, middle aged, senior, what have you, there is always time to make a difference in the life of a young child.

By: @thirtymag
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5 Video Tips 4 a STRONG marriage

After 17 years of marriage, I can testify to the fact that strong marriage is vital in raising healthy confident children

By: @RaisingCEOKids
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