10 Things You Need to Teach Your Kids About Politics

(Disagree with respect, to be wrong with integrity, and to be right with humility)

By: @AllProDad
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The Greatest Marriage Advice No One Wants to Hear

You feel stuck. Your marriage is nowhere near what you dreamed it would be. Your satisfaction has dropped to an all time low. What do you do now?

By: @imomtweets
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12 Tips for Making Your Home Safer

Accidents happen every day in homes across America, proving to be fatal for some.

By: @familyfirstcom
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Teen-fuelled tension

Raising teenagers can put a strain on the healthiest of marriages.

By: @fotfcanada
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Recipe: Tortellini Soup

Last week I was craving minestrone soup, but many of the vegetables that I use in it are not in season. Buying imported, out of season veggies would have greatly increased the cost of the dish, so I decided to replace them with something that is always in season: tortellini!

By: @5dollardinners
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10 Things Wives Want to Hear from their Husbands

A little thanks goes a long way.

By: @MarkMerrill
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How to react to a stumper (question)

How to react when you child asks a VERY unexpected question.

By: @playthisway
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Quiz: Myths and Facts About Caffeine

Take this WebMD quiz and see if you know the facts about caffeine.

By: @WebMD
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Just say “No” to Fad Diets

Fad diets come and go, and the weight of people who do them, rises and falls, rises and falls, rises and falls...and rises.

By: @DailyFitnessTip
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10 Foods to Health Up Your Family

With more attention than ever on the state of kids' health parents are giving their pantries a second look in an attempt to get healthy as a family.

By: @SchoolFamily
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