Learning from Little Mean Girls

Making a Difference in the Lives of All Young Girls. A special guest post by Michelle Anthony, author of Little Girls Can Be Mean

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Positive Statements For Girls Encourage Healthy Friendships!

Friendships cause much stress and anxiety for many tweens and teens.

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Girls Are Worrying About Their Weight And Looks At Increasingly Younger Ages

Here’s What Parents Can Do To Help Their Daughters Develop A Healthy Self-Image.

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Dads and the daughters they love

Dads and daughters they love: show your daughter that you care during every stage of her life.

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Parenting Tips for Raising Girls

Sometimes Parenting a girl becomes a bit challenging. It's important that you raise your daughter to be confident and successful. Here are a few Parenting Tips to help.

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Life Lessons: How to Help your Child Cope with Feeling Fat in a “Thin is In” World

How can we help our daughters cope with feeling fat in a 'thin is in' world? Dr. Robyn Silverman shares tips on teaching girls positive body image.

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How to Deal with Preteens and Makeup

Has your preteen daughter started nagging you about wearing makeup yet? If she hasn’t, rest assured, she probably will.

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3 “Speak Up” Tips for Helping Girls Respond to Relational Aggression

Girls are hungry for help in dealing with friendship problems. They crave answers to their questions about bullying, and they LOVE to role play.

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Teaching girls to “act nice” it’s a double-edged sword: What can be done

Niceness and courtesy are two different things

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6 Lifestyle Tips for Parents of Teenage Girls

Girls go through countless changes during the teenage years.

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