Homework: Be a Stage Manager

When it comes to homework, your role is to create a situation where your child can succeed, not to do his work for him. This expert advice tells you how.

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Study Space for Kids

Now that school is in full swing, the homework is coming home regularly and en masse. As your kids wind into the grind, here's how to create the perfect homework space to help them study hard.

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Homework Involvement or Over-Involvement?

How involved should you be with your preteens homework?

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8 Ways Parents Can Help With Homework

School opens, homework stress starts: tips to turn it around

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Kid calls 911 for help with math


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Ending Homework Wars

9 Tips to Minimize Our Nagging and Maximize Their Learning Until They Can Do Homework Solo!

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Back to School Homework: Getting Kids into the Swing of Studying

After a summer of fun, your child may not be ready to undertake a new weekly schedule of homework. Here's how to make the transition into a new school year.

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Excitement About Learning

What subject makes your child's eyes light up?

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