3 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Open up

Although there can be many reasons why youngsters don’t talk about what troubles them, three reasons cover most of the bases.

By: @Emp_Parents
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10 Specific Compliments to Give Your Children

Children look to their parents for encouragement, and finding affirmation at home is foundational to positive emotional development. Parents need to be in the business of building our children up.

By: @AllProDad
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Raising Responsible Kids

Raising Responsible Kids: Parenting advice to curb irresponsibility, excuses and “blame games”.

By: @micheleborba
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How To Get Your Child To Eat Healthy Foods

Patience and persistence are the tools for parents of a picky eater. Your tenacity to make nutrition a priority will pay off in the long run as your child grows and begins to form food associations, preferences and priorities. Your guidance and role modeling will be a positive and formidable influence. (but you can’t see it right now, so hang in there and don’t give up.)

By: @kidshealthtips
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10 ways to protect your kids on Facebook

How do you protect your kids from the questionable material on Facebook?

By: @SueScheff
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Money Lessons from a Millionaire Parents

I am always looking for great stories of parents who DO it RIGHT when it comes to finances! This story was shared by Tom Wiebe of Studio M Interior

By: @raisingceokids
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6 Ways to Help Kids Handle Anger

It’s hard finding a parent these days who isn’t worried about their kids’ emotional well-being. And rightly so! In my work as a consultant in schools, one of the biggest trends I’m seeing with all kids is an increase in aggression and anger.

By: @micheleborba
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How to react to a stumper (question)

How to react when you child asks a VERY unexpected question.

By: @playthisway
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Draw Boundaries For Your Kids And They Will Soar!

Defining boundaries for your kids establishes consistency, which creates security and comfort.

By: @inspiringMoms
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Greetings: The Top 10 Ways Not to Greet Your Child

How do you like to be greeted? Doesn't it make you feel good and secure when someone gives you their full attention and an enthusiastic greeting?

By: @iMOMTweets
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