The sincere and insincere way to apologize

Has anyone ever apologized to you, but it felt insincere? Here are three forms of apologies that are insincere.

By: @Etiquettemoms
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Teaching Good Manners

I have been noticing how many of my little patients have such nice manners. It is hard to watch a toddler say “thank you” to their doctor even after they have had a shot, but their attentive mother is wiping tears while simultaneously teaching good manners.

By: @TheKidsDoctor
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Messy-Eater Makeover

5 tips on getting kids to mind their manners at meal times.

By: @parenting
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Teaching kids manners in public

Parents make every effort to teach kids manners by example, but sometimes kids are learning from some of the worst possible sources: other kids, and the misbehaving ones at that. It’s up to parents to teach kids manners in public and at home.

By: @SheKnows
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5 Simple Etiquette Tips Every Child Needs To Know

First impressions are important. As a parent you need to teach your child how to make a good impression. The key is etiquette for children.

By: @kidshoppe
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How to Raise A Well-Mannered Kid in an Uncivilized World

How to raise a well-mannered kid and why we better

By: @micheleborba
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