Give Yourself The Gift Of Friendship

Every mom needs the support of another mom.

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Don’t Criticize And Bully Other Moms, Help Them

Decide today to stop criticizing other moms. Like you, everyone is doing their best.

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Money, money, money, money….and why other things matter MORE!

It's Not How Much Money You Make, It's How Much of a Difference You Make!

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Why speaking well of your spouse is so important

I am convinced that praising your spouse in public is one of the most important investments you can make—in your family and in your leadership.

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7 Ways For Moms in Business To Take Action

The action habit — the habit of putting ideas into action now — is essential to getting things done. Here are 7 ways you can grow the action habit

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Happy Parents = Happy Kids

The Oxygen Mask and Self-Care

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Moms’ 6 Biggest Sleep Mistakes

Moms' 6 Biggest Sleep Mistakes and how to fix them so you can get the rest you need.

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12 Foods for New Moms

As a new mom, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby is to eat a healthy diet.

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Time Out For Parents!

Parents need to include taking care of themselves in the course of their busy days. They need to fill their "bank of giving" on a regular basis.

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Busy Moms Tips: Take Control with These Time-Saving Strategies

Think of all the different hats you wear every day: mother, daughter, friend, worker, cook, housecleaner, teacher, student, caregiver, decorator, shopper, wise woman….and the list goes on. When your schedules collide and your duties conflict, separate your different roles and give some thought to what is really important about each role.

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