9 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

Good Housekeeping went into classrooms at schools around the country and talked to the teachers who spend their days with your children. Here's what they said about how you can help them help your kids:

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Beyond the Basics: Facebook and Your Tween

Facebook basics for parents from @SuzannaNarducci

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What defines a P-A-R-E-N-T?

Last week, as I watched my own children play, I thought about what defines a parent.

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The Grown Up Life: Marriage and Parenting

Parental and marital burnout is a common fellow traveler at the end of the third parental year. It should not be ignored, any more than a lump or a polyp. And it is just as important that you fix it while it is still benign.

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A Guide for First-Time Parents

Brushing up on these tips can help first-time parents feel confident about caring for a newborn in no time.

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Pick-a-pet: Planning to get a pet for your family?

Find the perfect addition to your household with our Pick-a-pet tool

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Tips to Save Your Sanity

"I'm So Exhausted": 4 Tips to Combat Parental Burnout

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