Tips for When a Toddler Withholds His Poop

The frantic pressure parents feel to get their toddler trained — at any cost — so that they can start school — can be a major impediment to the natural process of potty training.

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Bed wetting – common during potty training and even after

After your child is toilet trained (usually between ages two and four), it is not uncommon for children to wet the bed at night.

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Potty Training Success Card Printables

Print your own Success Tip Cards for easy reference as you go along.

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More Formulas for Success for Toddlers

15 tips to get you through the toddler years, from potty training to napping to discipline and more.

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8 Ways to Solve Potty Training’s Biggest Challenges

You've made the commitment to start potty training your child, but didn't realize how frustrating it could be. Take a deep breath, you're not alone. Real-life moms and medical experts share their knowledge for overcoming common obstacles.

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Potty Training 101: Diapers to underwear

When children start potty training, it is imperative to be consistent and get rid of the diapers.

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