10 Secrets To Raising Good Listeners

Listening skills are essential to learning. Children who listen well not only develop strong language abilities, they find gaining knowledge in any subject easier, less stressful and more successful.

By: @janetlansbury
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Spelling Number Words 1 Through 10

We're WRITING & SPELLING Numbers ONE through TEN!

By: @Kiboomu
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Printable kindergarten & preschool worksheets

Fantastic (and FREE!) printable kindergarten & preschool worksheets

By: @schoolsparks
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Preschool – Getting a grazer to the table

My four-year-old has always been a grazer and dislikes sitting down to dinner.

By: @Todaysparent
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High-Pressure Preschools: How Much is Too Much?

Every parent wants what’s best for their young child, but parents are often in the dark about the skills their child needs before entering kindergarten. Today, more than ever, the pressure is on to prepare children for what used to be a fun introduction to social skills, exploration, and listening to stories.

By: @Education_com
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Getting your preschooler to eat fruits and veggies

My "One Molecule Rule" to healthy eating in preschoolers

By: @BabyShrink
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Does your preschooler have a healthy self-esteem

How do you know if your child has healthy self-esteem or not?

By: @60secondparent
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5 useful paint and playdough recipes for preschoolers

Making your own paints and play dough provides your children with a chance to see what goes into craft items that are typically bought.

By: @60secondparent
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Teach Your Kids to Stop Interrupting

Put interrupters on hold with firm rules.

By: @Todaysparent
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Reading, Writing, and Math Skills for Preschoolers

How to make learning fun and help prepare your child for kindergarten.

By: @WebMD
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