Positive Parenting and Sports

How to Take Advantage of the Teaching Moments Sports Can Offer

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Parents Play Key Role in Kids Enjoying Sports

Richard Keefe, sports psychologist from Duke University discusses Parents role in Kids Sports.

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What Will Happen When Kids Have To Live In The Real World?

Disrespect, arrogance and unsportsmanlike like conduct is rampant.

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Young Athletes and Overuse Injuries

The best treatment for overuse injuries is to follow the pneumonic RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

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Are Extreme Sports Too Extreme for Teens?

Physically, a teenager may be fully capable as their bodies might look like a young adult’s body. However, they can’t magically step over the typical teenage brain development, something that is still in process like; impulse control, stress management, emotional development, and abstract thinking.

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Keep Your Athletes Hydrated On and Off the Field

With summer heat in full swing all across the country and kids heading back to school athletics, band practice, drill team and the like it is a good time to discuss heat related illnesses and their prevention.

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Kids Quit the Team for More Family Time

Youth sports have big benefits for kids. But the escalating time, travel and financial demands of many competitive youth teams are pushing some parents over the edge

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