Teen-fuelled tension

Raising teenagers can put a strain on the healthiest of marriages.

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Nine Ways To Be Your Teens Best Friend

Here’s a newsflash. Teens do not want their parents to act like them, talk like them or dress like them. In spite of grunts, attitude, and carrying on, young people do want you to act like their parent.

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A Dad’s Guide to the Teen Years

Before you become paralyzed with fear, read these five ideas for surviving the teen years.

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Risky Teen Behavior: Can You Trust Your Child Again?

Do you feel like your child has messed up so badly that you might never be able to trust him again?

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Helping Your Teen With Acne

As frustrating and embarrassing as teen acne might be, most cases can be handled with the same stuff people have been using for generations -- gentle washing, cleansing pads, and over-the-counter creams. But some cases of teen acne do need to be seen by a doctor. How can you tell the difference between mild, run-of-the-mill teen acne symptoms and something more serious?

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Eating Disorders in Kids and Teens

14 eating disorders signs and advice for this dangerous trend every parent must know

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Teen Medicine Abuse

Parenting advice about a risky teen behavior: cold and cough medicine abuse with potentially tragic consequences including addictions as well as death.

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Teens Posting ‘Cutting’ Videos on YouTube

Researchers warn that watching them may prompt vulnerable kids to injure themselves

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10 common scams every job seeker should know, even teenagers

In a tough job market, it’s easy to get desperate. But don’t get so hard up that you forget to pay attention to what you’re doing. If you’re not careful, you could end up falling prey to one of these job search scams.

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14 Signs that Your Child or Teen May Have an Eating Disorder

One of the number one questions I’m asked when presenting to parents is “how do I really know if my child or teen has an actual eating disorder?”

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