Sleep, Tween, Sleep!

How Much Sleep Do Tweens Need?

By: @SuzannaNarducci
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How to Deal with Preteens and Makeup

Has your preteen daughter started nagging you about wearing makeup yet? If she hasn’t, rest assured, she probably will.

By: @SheKnows
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Headlines: Another Teen Suicide

On September 6, 2007, the Centers for Disease and Prevention reported suicide rates in American adolescents (especially girls, 10 to 24 years old) increased 8%, the largest increase in 15 years.

By: @TheKidsDoctor
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Teen Stress: Parenting Tips to Help Teens Cope

Teenage Stress: Teens today face more stress and pressure then many of us did at the age. Part of that is our society and the other part is the demands we as parents put on our kids.

By: @More4Kids
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Parenting: Healthy Boundaries Improve Parent-Teen Relationships

When does conscientious monitoring cross the line and become disrespectful and intrusive?

By: @annie_fox
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How to Argue with Your Teens

I never like to encourage arguing, but it is a natural part of the teen parent relationship.

By: @vvanpetten
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‘Sextortion’ on the rise: Are your kids safe?

Teens who post and send provocative pictures are opening themselves up to being blackmailed not only by their peers, but also by strangers and pornographers who threaten to expose their behavior to friends and family unless they pose for more explicit pornography.

By: @CrisClapp
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10 Ways to Deal with a Teen that Talks Back

Parents often notice a resurgence of the “terrible twos” when their child enters adolescence, complete with the assertions of independence, the frustration of not having the language needed to express the complexity of their emotions, and the seemingly automatic response of, “No!” or “That’s not fair!” when asked to do anything by parents.

By: @education_com
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Puberty And Your Child

The interesting thing about puberty is that there is a WIDE variation of normal as to when pubertal changes begin.

By: @TheKidsDoctor
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New Study Says Weight Teasing Has Profound Effects On Preteens and Teens

We know that bullying and relational aggression can strip children of their dignity, self esteem, and desire to go to school. Having focused on appearance-based discrimination in my own research and in preparation for writing Good Girls Don’t Get Fat, I quickly realized that what I termed “body bashing” or “body bullying” can be particularly insidious as it plays on a major insecurity in many preteens and teens.

By: @DrRobyn
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